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COOPEX Beta Now Live!

August 24, 2018

Hey COOPEX Community,

We are proud to announce the release of the beta version of the Cooperative Exchange! 

You may have noticed that starting last week, some new tokens were available to deposit on your funds page. Deposits/withdraws opened earlier this week and those tokens are now tradeable on our markets!

Newly listed tokens:

In some instances, you may be prompted to log in to the exchange to view the markets.

We have also opened deposits and withdraws for the Dai stablecoin, but we haven't listed any pairings with it yet - we are waiting to see which projects generate the most volume before pairing with Dai. 

We have worked long and hard to bring you this beta release, and we are only about 1 week behind our roadmap, which is great. 

Our next development goal is a beta version of our decentralized exchange. We are happy to announce that we have selected the Loom Network sidechain as the chain that will run our decentralized exchange. Loom Network is the first Ethereum sidechain solution to have a working product, and we are excited to be working with their SDK to create a decentralized exchange that can be fast, secure, and feeless. We will have more information about this in the coming weeks. 

We are on track to finish the voting system and exchange registration referral system very soon.

As a reminder, the ICO for the COOP token is still ongoing on the exchange and through our crowdsale smart contract. The smart contract has a referral system and gives 5% bonus for referrals! The token will be used for exchange voting and as fees and staking rewards in our PoS decentralized exchange. Additionally, when the ICO ends, 75% of exchange fees will be given back to token holders monthly in the form of a market buyback program.

Our ICO will end when we hit our soft cap of $500k or by September 30, whichever comes first.

Thank you for supporting the Cooperative Exchange!


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