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July 24, 2018

Wondering how to participate in the COOPEX ICO and the benefits of joining the world’s first decentralized cooperative cryptocurrency exchange? Look no further.

What is COOPEX?

The Cooperative Exchange is building more than just a cryptocurrency trading exchange, we’re building towards a healthier blockchain ecosystem. But how?

At COOPEX, we’re offering:

  • Token Buyback Program: A generous token buyback and loyalty program, where every month, 75% of trading fees are aggregated in order to buy back and burn user COOP tokens - decreasing the supply and increasing the price.
  • Zero Listing Fees For ERC Tokens: We understand how difficult it is for newer and smaller blockchain projects to get listed on reputable exchanges, therefore, we’re giving projects a fighting chance by eliminating all listing fees for ERC tokens and other projects on popular blockchain platforms (ex. EOS & NEO).
  • Transparency & Voting: Not only does holding COOP tokens allow users to enjoy loyalty rewards via our token buyback program, it also allows users to have a voice in how The Cooperative Exchange operates. Users will be able to vote on project listings and other important exchange and protocol changes.

So, how do I participate in the ICO?


The COOPEX ICO will run until August 3rd, 2018, or until all 9,000,000 COOP tokens are sold. Shortly after, the exchange will official open, trading will commence, and the marketing campaign will vamp up their reach - just remember, 50% of all funds raised during our ICO are going towards marketing.

There’s three (3) simple ways users and investors can participate in our ICO.

  • Smart Contract Interface: Use the smart contract interface at https://coopex.market/ico/ to purchase COOP tokens - note that doing so this way will require the use of Metamask.
  • Crowdsale Smart Contract: Send Ethereum (ETH) directly to our crowdsale smart contract and receive your COOP tokens in return at the ICO rate of 0.0002 ETH/COOP. Our crowdsale smart contract address is: 0x6c909cce376b7e9715b7795e5F5B3d2005cC83Ca. Furthermore, keep in mind that using our crowdsale smart contract to purchase COOP tokens will get users a 5% bonus on all future referrals!
  • Exchange Purchase: Finally, you can sign up for our exchange and purchase COOP tokens directly from there. At present, we support Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH).

The current price of the COOP token is pegged at approximately $0.10/COOP, and prices in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum may be adjusted to meet that price. For reference, the current prices for all three are:

1 COOP = 0.0000144 BTC

1 COOP = 0.00012 BCH

1 COOP = 0.0002 ETH

Note that all unsold tokens at the end of the ICO will be burnt.

If you’d like to read up on our ICO further, you can head on over to https://coopex.market/Coopex_Whitepaper.pdf to read our white paper or https://coopex.market/ico/.

Join COOPEX Today!

At COOPEX, we recognize the damage that traditional cryptocurrency exchanges are causing to the blockchain ecosystem and community, therefore we’re undertaking a huge task to overhaul it. We believe in a fair and transparent system, where users are the rightful decision makers of the exchange, and where users are rewarded for their voice and loyalty.

Don’t miss out, and head on over to our homepage to participate in our ICO today!


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